Backflow Prevention Policies & National Regulations

American Water Works Association Cross-Connection Control Policy

Osha 1910.141 Rules regarding plumbing cross connections & sanitation......see sec.1910.141(b)(1)(v)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Sanitation of water supplies......(29 CFR Sec. 1926.51)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Potable Water in the workplace required...(30 CFR Sec. 57.20002)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Boiler Water Additives approved for food contact (and potable water through heat exchange devices)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Protection of Pier Water Systems....(21 CFR. Sec. 1240.86)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Refrigeration Equipment backflow prohibited...(21 CFR Sec. 1250.34)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Potable Water Systems on Vessels.......Backflow prevention required.. (21 CFR Sec. 1250.82)

Code of Federal Regulations -- Drinking Fountains and Ice Machines must be designed to prevent backflow.....(21 CFR. Sec. 1250.85)

EPA's concerns about backflow prevention in agricultural irrigation systems, and other groundwater issues

Irrigation system backflow preventer regs....RPBP PVB installation requirements...US Army Facilities

PART 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards Table of Contents

OSHA 1910 Subpart J - Confined Space Entry Rules. Often encountered in cross-connection inspections.....

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