Government Agencies' and Universities' Backflow Prevention & Water Quality Related Websites

EPA's Office of Water

Foundation for Cross Connection Control & Hydraulic Research....University of Southern Californic

University. of Florida/TREEO Center Environmental Training

Is Your Drinking Water Safe? EPA Document

The Quality of Our Nation's Water: 1992 EPA Document

Centers for Disease Control Home Page

NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

"Ensuring Safe Drinking Water" Kansas State University, Manhattan Articles on cross connections & water quality

Drinking-Water Cross Connection Control Program....Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

Backsiphonage into the farm well is also a concern.... Michigan State University Extension Document

BACKFLOW PREVENTION SYSTEM......Irrigation sprinklers, etc.. Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System

Back-Siphoning Prevention......Drawing of agricultural well system backflow prevention recommendation........... Purdue University

Cross Talk Articles USC articles primarily about testing backflow prevention devices...

Clean Water - Life Depends on It! Environment Canada..... Water quality facts

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